"Because this is a Sci-fi/action/comedy/thriller/period piece ‘Lazer Team' needed the best and realistic Gavin replica's. Here's the Achievement Hunter himself going full Terminator 2 in letting us make a life size replica of his giant, enormous head for movie purposes.” (X)


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…by fucking him?

from the L.A Invasion special feature in the RVBX boxset


Shannon fucking McCormick, let’s talk about this guy. He’s been with us for about six years in Red vs. Blue. And let’s just say, he’s doing a fucking FABULOUS job! I unfortunately don’t know much about Shannon, and I really wish I did because all I hear is such amazing stuff about him. & he’s doing an amazing job with Ozpin as well!

Ryan’s adorable attempt at doing the ad read for the Patch #69



Proof that RTX Guardians are massive nerds, and need to be protected at all costs.

I miss RTX and Guardianing so much right now it’s unreal. While I’m not visible anywhere in the video (due to the fact that I was an EG and didn’t really get a chance, like, ever to hangout in the G-Spot, and work was beyond cray), I can safely say I know a lot of these guys, and let me tell you, each and everyone of them is a precious lil monster and I love them all.

I don’t regret RTX at all, even if my wallet totally does. Until next year!! <3

(P.S. I’m SammichGal in the credits)


Ryan on the The Patch #70



Miles reacts to Shannon’s getting wet.

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