BK: Now that we have photography in the Avatar world, it is really fun to make these family photos. Bumi looks like he was in that “awkward phase,” while young Kya was ridiculously adorable. Meanwhile, Baby Tenzin was just chilling. Character art by Christie Tseng. Character tones by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Painting by Emily Tetri.


So I made a thing


fire lord and avatar best friends again



My first cosplay: Ty Lee from Avatar: the Last Airbender!

Until I have new progress photos to show, I guess I’ll just be posting my older stuff :) I just LOVE how Tumblr is formatted where I can show you all of my favorite photos all in one post, unlike Facebook! :D 

Photography by Photosynthetique: https://www.facebook.com/photosynthetique

Wow because this is FLAWLESS


MD: Aang’s look was always influenced by the particular styles of the individual storyboard artists and animators who drew him. These drawings, from “The Fortuneteller,” showcase one of our favorite interpretations of Aang. Key animation by Myeong Ga Young.



elsa and i are almost done with avatar i don’t really want it to end but ok

zuko is a dork

Yue by *zetallis

bending + circles



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