How often does Felix just rant to himself before he realizes Locus walked out if the room five minutes prior?



When you steal the cookies from the cookie jar and someone acuses you.


Title: important

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Felix: *stabs someone*
Felix: It's KNIFE to meet you.
Locus: Felix, please.
Felix: What? I'm taking a STAB at puns.
Locus: Feli-
Felix: I need to CUT you off.
Felix: *stabs someone*
Felix: Now that's what I call a SLICE of life.


reminder to please watch red vs blue


blood-gulch-blues replied to your post: wait wheres Lopez

he’s there, i don’t think he said anything in the latest episode, that’s all. if you look closely in episode 10 he’s still with everyone after they use the future cube.

Headcanon: he didnt say anything this episode bc hes really paranoid someone else is gonna be bilingual and hear him snark


Felix’s dumb “Okay? Please? Thank you? You’re welcome?” is so hilarious like he could have stopped at “Okay?” but he got so frustrated he didn’t know how to stop talking

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